Shaping Dreams

From choosing your colour palette to creating feelings of space or comfort, Mastery Real Design Bureau will cover all the bases.

Design Process

The designer begins the design and creative process by creating a beautiful presentation complete with all the things your heart desires.

Check out our décor ideas for some mad style inspiration.

Amazing Bathroom Ideas

Fresh Green Beach Bathroom

Everything about this bathroom design feels refreshing. The original feathered pendant light would contrast the geometric stool on the floor. A leafy plant (instead of flowers) is a nice, original touch that avoids being kitsch.

Bathroom With Geometric Wallpaper

This small bathroom uses a bold, colorful geometric wallpaper to make the most out of its space. The yellow is echoed by the towels. The rest of the space remains neutral so the yellow really pops. A sleek, ultra-modern tankless toilet stays out of the way until you need it.

Bathroom With Electric Blue Tile

Extending the patterned tile to the storage shelves is what turns this bathroom design into something visually stunning. No need to put a door in front of the shelves when the wall looks this good! Also, the zigzagging pipe leading to the pendant lighting is a nice touch that echoes the tile pattern.

Bathroom With Textured Tile And Decor

Don't let the white of this bathroom fool you: it's anything but boring. Instead of color, it uses textures: the shiny diamond tile in the shower, the two branching wall decor elements, the lightness of porcelain on the wall, and the luxury of marble. It has a nice, clean, classic design, without being boring or expected.

Designing a Dining Room.

What Do You Prefer?


A quintessential piece of the farmhouse style is the bench at the family table instead of individual chairs along one side of the table. Sometimes, you’ll see a wing chair style for the bench. Color schemes often include muted tones of grays, blues, and greens. Pieces often have signs of wear which gives them a lived-in look. Vintage pieces are a common feature.


The global dining room style combines elements of several other ones to achieve its unique look. In some ways, you can describe it as an eclectic style because it has pieces from a variety of cultures. You’ll find decorative pieces alongside richly colored tapestries. You may see unexpected accessories such as statues and carved wood pieces.


The beach or coastal style creates an atmosphere of lightheartedness and openness that brings a feeling of the sea to the dining room table. You’ll often see pieces that replicate the texture and age of wood such as you’d find on an old boat. Natural materials are predominant. You typically won’t see overt man-made materials like plastic unless it has a coastal theme.

Interior Design Elements that Are Worth Your Attention

Tropical Parrots Wallpaper

This huge pattern in tropical colours is a breath of fresh air. A joy to behold the massive print just feels very fresh and contemporary.

Typography Trend

Graphic prints are a clever way to create an impact. A bold typeface, a number - anything that catches the eye and hints at personality in the room.

Mirror over Fireplace

The oldest tricks in the book are still the best. Hanging a huge mirror over a fireplace or in a small bathroom will instantly double the feeling of space.

Blackboard Paint

Blackboard paint is a great way to use display and write those all-important 'to-do' and shopping lists in kitchens and living areas.

Clementine Hamilton

Head Designer at Mastery Real Design Bureau

Our aim is to create spaces that combine the ergonomic, functional, and aesthetic components. Let us take care of your needs and create a customized design for you.

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